Course Details

A graphic of Augusta Municipal Course.

Golf Course History

David Ogilvie left Scotland at the age of 18 to follow his dream of playing professional golf. He was initially asked to join a golf club in Florida, but while en route he traveled through Augusta, where they had a 9 hole golf course - Bon Air Golf club. Ogilvie was so impressed with area and challenge, he decided to settle in Augusta.

Ogilvie further developed the existing Bon Air Golf club with Dr. William Henry Harison into an 18 hole course - the first in Augusta. The club was later renamed and is nowadays known as Augusta Country Club. In 1928 Ogilvie designed the Augusta Municipal golf course, which over the years has changed a little, however you can still see the Ogilvie influence through it’s design (ie. 2 loops of nine holes, par 3s in different directions, a variety of elevations, a mixture of right to left holes and left to right holes and a test for every club in the bag).

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